College coeds masturbating together !
Which of these people do you believe are NOT virgins?
College coeds masturbating together ! Cute Coed in Dorm Room Masturbating on Cam
College coeds masturbating together !
College coeds masturbating together !
(check all that you believe are NOT virgins)
I think I'm a lesbian because my best friend and I masturbate together and yesterday she licked my vagina but it was great and I licked her too. Should we stop?
My female friends and I have regular sleep-overs. We started to dare each other to touch another girl, but now its progressed and we use toys on each other and oral stimulation. We are all happy doing this
I would like to know if it's OK to fantasize about my best friend. She has a boyfriend and is straight but I am really attracted to her. I would like to do sexual stuff with her but I don't know how to approach her about it.
I think I might be bisexual. It's easier for me to get aroused by an woman than by a man. I prefer to look at girl on girl porn rather than straight porn. But I don't want a relationship with a girl, I just want the sexual stuff. What's up with that? My friend and I have fooled around bunch of times and I want to finger her but I'm afraid to ask.
I sometimes masturbate to pictures of girls doing sexual things to each other (such as giving each other oral sex) but I have a boyfriend and we have sex and I enjoy it. I don't think I am bisexual because I think having sex with another woman is gross. Is there anything wrong with masturbating this way? Also I'd like to say that I really love this site. It is so helpful to ask someone a question about mastubation without being embarrassed and have them answer you.
I am 15 years old and recently started masturbating. I have started getting turned on by the thought of receiving oral sex or having someone masturbate with me. Also, I am curious about lesbian sex, and I want to try it. I KNOW I'm not lesbian, but I want to convince a really close friend of mine to try it with me. I need help with three things: Finding a way to masturbate that works for me, finding out if my desires are normal, and finding a way to talk to my friend about masturbation and lesbian sex.
College Coeds Masturbating Together !
On a scale of 1 to 10, how much pleasure do you get from masturbating?
Have you ever masturbated?
How often do you currently masturbate?
Do you have orgasms when you masturbate?
( Girls Only) When masturbating, do you insert fingers or objects into your vagina?
( Guys Only ) Have you ever masturbated in front of your girlfriend/lover/wife ?
Do you look at pictures or videos while you masturbate?
What lubricants do you use while masturbating? (check all that apply)
Where do you masturbate most often?
When you first started masturbating, if someone had asked you if you did it, what would you have said? 
Who walked in on you while you were masturbating? (check all that apply)
Have you ever masturbated in public (that is, a place where you had no expectation of privacy)?
Which of these statements best expresses your feeling toward sexual intercourse?
In which of these ways have you had an orgasm?
Sex Quiz ! Maturbation !
Girls find that being away from home and living with a roommate in the dorm is a time for experimenting, sexually.

Being in college often means living in much closer quarters than one is accustomed to in the parents' home. Many students have never shared a room at all before coming to college and being more or less randomly assigned to spend the school year with another freshman in a room which is often smaller than the bedroom at the parents' home. While this means adjusting to another person's lifestyle in many ways, the loss of privacy for masturbation is an especially jarring fact of collegiate life for many and something that more than a few think about daily. - click here!
coed college pussy Coed Masturbating in Hallway
College coeds masturbating together !
Once I was at a class out of town with another woman from my school. On the drive back to campus, she complained that she was feeling frustrated because she wasn't able to have sex for the several nights we were at the class and she really wanted an orgasm. I told her I masturbated every day in the bathroom. She thought that was a good idea. I said I'd like to masturbate right now on the road and asked her if she wanted to do it too. She was surprised at this request but said well, why not. I took my skirt and undies down and began to masturbate vigorously. She loosened her waist and got a hand down there. I said she should go for broke. She was being very careful, but I did get her to bare her privates and go to work with both hands. After we had enough orgasms, we agreed it was fun. I wanted to go further but didn't press the point. I'm not a lesbian, but I'd like to have sex with a woman sometime. Communication is key. Your best bet is to open up to people who seem willing to open up to you.
College coeds masturbating together is more than the norm in a majority of dorm rooms across Americ. In fact, girls living together tend to masturbate together and even enjoy experimenting sexually. "It's just a thing, yes me and my roommate had sex together, but we had boyfriends also. Having sex with my roommate just became a thing and it was juct between us.

My roommate and I started over my simply masturbating tother, it just got us off. We would order sex toys on the Internet and just experiment togther. I bought this strap=on dildo online and me and my roommate had the best of times.
Girls Living Together - Simply Love Masturbating Together ! -click here !
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Dorm Room Masturbation Gallery !
Hey guys, what's up? It's me Brandi and this week I decided I wanted to talk about masturbation with my friend Nina. She loves to masturbate so I thought it would fun to masturbate together. I have some new toys and I couldn't wait to try them. We talked a little first about how often she likes to masturbate and what she thinks about when she masturbates. Nina says she loves to think of girls and me too. So we had ourselves a little fun until we came. click here !
"Let's Cum Together!"
"A Pleasant Surprise"
As you guys know i am very devoted to you guys my fans and every now and then i loiike to give a very special treat to one of you, the treat of course being ME... IO know hwat many of you are thinking " how come i have never been chosen by you brandi?" just be patient it could one day be your yes this is anotehr one of my fan shoots although this one had a bit of a twist..a twist in fact that i did not see i had been recicveing alot of emails from this certain individual many of them quite engaging whcih is why i thought he would be a good candidtate for mny next fan shoot turns out he wasnt a he at all but a woman..a very sexy hot woman to boot so while i was expecting a dude i was not dissapointed in the least when i saw jane greet me at the door...and she had no problem doing all the things hse said she wanted to do to me in the emails when i thought she was a man...gotta love the strapons...gotta love em...ive very surprised to see how many girl fans i have not nearly as many as boy fans (i very much prefer you boys..shhh dont tell the ladies....hehe) Mna what a great ime i had with jane she fuct me up and down and all around..the strap on..what an amazing invention..enjoy ya'll!! - click here !
College coeds masturbating together !
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College Coeds Masturbating Together !
I spent 4 years having the time of my life with my college roommate !
college coeds masturbating together !
A female who has had oral sex
A female who has been fingered
A female who has had penis-in-vagina sex
A female who has had anal sex
A male who has had oral sex
A male who has had a hand job
A male who has had penis-in-vagina sex
A male who has had anal sex
More than once a day
Once a day
Several times a week
Once a week
A few times a month
Less than once a month
Almost always
Most of the time
1 (Lowest)
10 (Highest
Yes, fingers only
Yes, objects only
Yes, both fingers and objects
No, neither fingers nor objects
Would love to, but i'm shy !
Almost always
Most of the time
I don't use any lubes
I use cooking oil or other household products
I use saliva
I use a lube especially for sex (KY, Astroglide, etc.)
Computer desk
At my lovers place
Nobody ever asked, but I would have denied it
Nobody ever asked, but I would have admitted it
Nobody ever asked, and I don't know what I would have said
Someone did ask, and I denied it
Someone did ask, and I admitted it
Someone did ask, and I avoided answering
Same-sex friend
Opposite-sex friend
Same-sex other relative (cousin, etc.)
Opposite-sex other relative (Cousin, etc.)
Boyfriend (i.e., heterosexual partner)
Girlfriend (i.e., lesbian partner)
Boyfreied(i.e., gay partner)
Yes, in some other place
Yes, but only in my car
I want to have as many partners as I can, as soon as I can
I want to wait for a special partner
don't know what I want
I don't want to have sex
I've never had an orgasm (don't check any more boxes here)
Manual stimulation by a partner
Penile-vaginal intercourse ("making love")
Oral sex (cunnilingus)
Anal sex