Couples masturbating together. today more and more couples are enjoying watching each other masturbate !
Mutual Masturbation - My wife and I had dated for several months with the normal amount of gropping, kissing and feeling each other. Then one evening we had returned to her home from a movie and were setted on the sofa. We started to kiss and pet and I pulled her blouse out from her skirt and reached under to her bra and started to feel her breasts through the fabric. (She was a 36C). She then reached down and began to fondle my penis and testicals throught my pants. At this point I got hard and she unzipped my fly and pulled my penis out and began to stroke it slowly up and down.. I then pulled ber bra up over her breasts so that both were exposed; and, began to fondle them between my fingers.especially her nipples which had become larger and stood out about an inch. She continued to stroke my penis slowly; and, I leaned over and started to suck on her nipples and lick all over her breasts. At this point we both were making a lot of moaning sounds. I reached under her skirt and put my hands on her vagins and began to rub. She stopped rubbing my penis and lifted her hips and pulled her panties off. She had no hair on her body there and I began to rub her outside and play with the folds of skin with my fingers. That was when I found both her opening and her clit. I played with her clit and began to put my finger in her. By this time she was rubbing my penis up and down very fast (thankfully). She stopped stroking my penis and put it in her mouth as I continued to finger her and rub her clit. She licked my penis for several seconds and I continued to rapidly finger her with my middle and index finger. At this point I was about ready to cum and told her so. She took her mouth away and began to slowly stroke me as I continued to finger her. I guess she could feel my penis get bigger before I came, as she started to stroke me faster and I began to finger her at a rapid pace. She put her panties over my penis and within 30 seconds I shoot all over her apnties. She said she came about five times from my fingering her; and, was very very wet. I tasted my fingers and let her taste also.. She then went down on my penis (which was still semi-riged) and licked it off. She then came up and we frenc kissed so I could taste myself. We held off intercourse until we married 8 months later; but, this was how we ended every date. ( When she had her periods, I would play with and suck her breasts and she would masturbate me.) Nweedless to say this was fun and certainly gave me (and her) a lot of sexual relieve. We were married almost 49 years when she dies several years ago and the thought still get me a matter of fact am starting to masturbate right now visualizing those wonderful breasts and nipples and smooth pink vagina.
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"Nothing Turns A Lover On More"
Couples Masturbating Together ! Sometimes people feel that if everything was perfect in a sexual relationship, then neither partner would "need" to masturbate. Nothing could be further from the truth. Simply put, good sex begets more good sex -- in all its forms. In fact, many couples masturbate together and find it a very enjoyable part of their relationship. Honestly, there is no need to feel guilty. Listen to the good doctor: Masturbation is good for you!
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Couples Mastubating by Nina Hartley !
Masturbating Together: Mutual Masturbation Enhances Intimacy
Masturbation enhances sexual awareness, allows a person to learn and discover their own sexuality and, as a result, improves their understanding of, and sensitivity toward, their partners. In short, mutual masturbation becomes an activity that has numerous positive relationship benefits. When mutual masturbation or manual stimulation is used as a tool during intercourse, or as a part of foreplay, it usually leads to a much more enhanced sexual response, and can add an extra dimension to the act of lovemaking. Also, since the seat of sexual sensations in women is the clitoris, which receives very little direct stimulation during actual penetrative sex; manual stimulation by the woman herself, or her partner, can help achieve better sensations and faster orgasms.

Each stroke ending with all 9″ fully inside. She quickens her strokes. Soon she’s pounding this glass wand
into her pussy; her hips bouncing off the bed, pushing upward to meet each stroke. She’s screaming “fuck me, fuck me” as she starts her 2nd orgasm of the night. This one is more intense than her 1st.
She’s moaning and screaming, crying, tears coming from her eyes. After her last orgasmic ripple her body collapses into the bed, exhausted. Her dong filling her now soaked pussy, she slowly moves it in and out, a sensuous pleasurable finale to her climax. I reach over to caress her pussy, her legs are wet to her knees, the sheets under her are soaked. She asks me to very slowly pull that wonderful glass wand
out from her pussy. She rests her head on my shoulder, we both sleep. It was another terrific night of masturbation.
Mutual Masturbation Has Given Us The Most Incredible Orgasms
Mutual Masturbation - couples are enhancing their sex life by masturbating together !
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The Incredible Sex Stool
Couples Masturbating -
Mutual Masturbation -
Couples are enjoying masturbating together !
Mutual Masturbation - Couples masturbating together on video !
me and my GF masturbate and have sex, a lot. e.g. last week she decided to wear an obscenely short skirt, one that if i had not gone out with her i would acuse her of trying to get with other men. she wore them with a proper thong, porno style, hardly covering her sex the hip strap things coming above her skirt so you could see them below her top, instant hard-on. when we had lunch i couldn't take my eyes off her as i was hard, she started to rub me and i to her, i knew she needed to stop as someone was bound to find out. we then went to see the film with ricky gervais in. she sat on top of my embaressingly large tent in my jeans, i unzipped so i was more comfortable and wrangled my cock out of the tangle of clothes. she got comfortable on my lap, her back resting against my chest so we could both see the film, i then couldn't resist thrusting just a little bit, intending to arouse her, i realised my cock was brushing against wet skin, she had taken off her thong!! she let me enter her, i moved my right hand to her clit and started to massage it gently, we still had 2 hours of the film left, i also started to gently and slowly thrust. we had been doing this for about an hour, hour and a half when she exclaimed she was going to cum soon, i rubbed harder but slower, heightening the pleasure and desire for orgasm, when she was at the point of no return she came quietly, i felt every contraction through my cock and it made me come, i came in her and withdrew, looking at the cum oozing out of her slit, she then put her thong back on as she was and we carried on watching the film.
Couples masturbating on video !
Masturbating Together: Relationship Benefits of Masturbating Together
Masturbation is the act of sexual self stimulation. The word is usually used with reference to one’s stimulation of one's own genitals, usually to orgasm, although the orgasm is not a requisite for the act to be labeled masturbation. This may be performed manually, i.e. using ones hands or fingers, or by other types of contact with objects, or with another body, or a combination of these methods. However, the point to be noted is that contact with another’s body, in masturbation, does not include intercourse. Also, some types of sexual rubbing are also known as frottage.
You may always keep some space in your sexuality just for yourself and masturbate when you're alone. However, masturbation is also very helpful when two partners have different levels of sex drive. For example, when one partner is just interested in a cuddle, but the other wants more, it is OK to negotiate for a cuddle, while the partner with the higher sex drive enjoys masturbation to an orgasm (if that's what he/she wants) in the other's presence with or without a little help from the partner. This allows both partners to get some of what they want and stops them feeling sexually frustrated or pressurized to have sex. It is a sign of familiarity and ease when partners are able to comfortably masturbate in front of each other. It can be an important way of taking responsibility for your own sexual needs without requiring your partner to satisfy you each and every time!
Masturbation can have an important part to play in a couple's sex life. You have a partner? Fine - you can still masturbate!
Masturbation may also be an option when you both want sex but you're too tired for anything energetic. Mutual masturbation, where both partners stimulate each other, or just masturbating in your partner's presence, can be a relaxed way of releasing some sexual tension. Masturbating together can also simply be a way of having fun or changing your sexual routine. The fact is, mutual masturbation can be a very intense experience and it's in no way second best after intercourse. It can help couples to chill out about sexual performance and expected routines. It can be especially liberating for men who experience performance anxiety, premature ejaculation or erectile difficulties.
Mutual Masturbation: Why don’t Couple's Masturbate Together
In most cases couples don’t masturbate together, either one or both couples masturbate in secret. The reason that they are unable to share the fact is due to an overwhelming sense of guilt, and residual taboos. Masturbation is quite often totally different than sex, and isn't replaced by regular sex, contrary to expectations. An open discussion of masturbation techniques, can lead to a better understanding of each partner’s needs. Being able to masturbate together in front of one’s partner, and together with your partner, is the next step, and can open previously unexplored forms and means of sexual communication. With more openness and willingness to share such intimacy, come better trust and a decline in insecurity.
Masturbating Together Takes Communication
There is often a gap in communication regarding the right kind of stimulation needed by each partner during sex. Since everyone has different needs and wants a failure to communicate openly or clearly can lead to a lot of frustration. Masturbating in front of one’s partner can show, rather than tell, the partner exactly what one likes, and how. This can only lead to better sex between couples as partners learn the necessary “strokes” to give their partner better satisfaction.
In addition, watching one’s partner masturbate can be an incredible “turn on.” So, even if one partner is too shy to demonstrate, or perhaps is not in the habit of masturbating, the other partner should feel free to demonstrate their masturbation style in front of them. This will excite the shyer partner, and can lower their sexual inhibitions quickly. The fewer inhibitions there are within a couple, the better it is for their sexual life.
Girls really do get off watching their man jack-off. Watching my man jack-off with the fleshlight gets me so wet. I can't watch him come without jumping in and finishing him off. I just have to take that cock into my mouth. I want him to deposit every inch of his cum down my throat.
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I love jacking off with the fleshlight, because it makes him feel so good. Yes, the fleshlight has become a toy for two.
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My girlfriend and I masturbate together all the time. We're pretty uninhibited about it now, and just do it whenever we please. Usually we'll be watching a movie together and either me or her just put our hand down our pants and go at it. She masturbates in the car when we're out driving too, it's so hot. We've asked her friend if she'd like to join us in one of our usual wank sessions, she's said yes. I can't wait for us to get at it.
Her left hand stroking me while my right hand, middle finger, caresses her clit. She is normally already wet from watching. I’m hard just anticipating about our mutual masturbation session. .
Mutual masturbation has given us the most incredible orgasms we have ever experienced.
A video always seems to get us in the mood quickly. We lie next to each other, and once aroused by the video, began to slowly touch each other.
Our breathing gets harder, she begins moving her hips up to meet my caress, I’m throbbing in her hand. Soon she slides her hand down between her legs, spreading her lips, touching her clit. She moves my hand to her breast, her nipple. I pinch it gently feeling it grow and harden under my touch. Her fingers circle her clit, rubbing harder. She slips a finger between her lips, pushing it inside. Then back to her clit, caressing the right side, her sensitive side. Her left hand continues to stroke me; I’m beyond excitement knowing she is touching herself.
Couples Masturbating together !
Couples Masturbating Together !
I put my right arm underneath her and reach around so I can pinch her right nipple, still continuing to pinch her left with my other hand and fingers. Her nipples are large and long and very hard from my pinching. I have to be careful, stopping from time to time, for she will climax just from nipple stimulation. Her hips began pushing her pussy upward straining to meet her fingers. She’s moaning loudly, uncontrollably now. I am close to a climax myself. Her stroking has increased, her fingers squeezing me hard. She’s telling me how wet her pussy is, how hot she is, how good her fingers feel caressing her clit.
She tells me how good my cock feels in her hand, how hard, how big. I can barely keep myself from orgasm. Her legs are spread wide, she pushes two fingers deep between her lips, reaching for her g-spot. She uses her thumb to rub her clit while her fingers are moving in and out of her pussy. She’s moaning loudly now, screaming how hot she is, that she is going to “cum” soon. She starts to climax. Knowing she is bringing herself to orgasm begins mine.

I can’t stop it, I’m throbbing, I’m cumming. She’s moving her hand up and down me so quickly now that my “cum” shoots up and all over the both of us. I can’t stop cumming. It is so intense I can barely control my body, I’m jerking around the bed like I’m having a seizure. She is in full orgasm by now; screaming obscenities, moaning, her hips grinding upward trying to force her fingers deeper between her lips. Her orgasm seems to last forever. She begins to beg me to “fuck” her, she needs to be filled with “cock”, she’s telling me her “pussy is aching for something hard”. But this my friend is a masturbation session; I hand her a favorite, Glass Wand
dong. She can barely contain herself, she grabs at it and quickly pushes it between her pussy lips. Her two hands now on the dong, she pushes it deep into her pussy. She’s so wet it slides in effortlessly. She buries it, all of it, then begins moving it in and out in 4 or 5″ strokes.
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Want to turn up the heat, become a better lover and get more of what you want in bed? Masturbate together!
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Masturbation Corner
Join The Internet's Premeir Masturbation Community.
Мasturbation stories from men & women, Techniques from men and women, Jack and/or Jill parties, Masturbation video interviews abd more - click here !
Masturbation Stories And Videos  !
Couples Masturbating Together -  Mutual Masturbation Pictures  -  Husband And Wife Masturbating Together  -  Masturbation Kit For Couples  -  Coeds Masturbating
Mutual Masturbation Stories - Today couples are enjoying masturbating together. Watching my husband masturbate, simply turns me on. It gets me so ready when I watch my husband masturbate.
Couples Masturbation Video !
Female Masturbation DVD
Couples Masturbation  DVD
Nina Hartley's Guide To Masturbation
Guide To... Masturbation
Jerk Off Instructions 7
Female Masturbation
Couples Masturbation
Nina Hartley's Guide To Masturbation
Jerk Off Instructions 7
Guide To... Masturbation
What Women Really Want
What Women Really Want
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Description: Women who love sex! Sexually experienced women reveal how they learned to love sex! They tell and show you what most men never learn: how to really... More
Description: Phone Sex, Internet Sex and More! Watch our beautiful and sexually experienced couples bring themselves and each other to shuddering waves of... More

Description: Nina Hartley explores the erotic satisfaction that masturbation brings to both men and women. With the help of Layla Jade, Lezley Zen and Mario... More
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10 Dirty Talkin' Masturbators
All Alone: Single Girl Masturbation
I Film Myself 7
10 Dirty Talkin' Masturbators
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Couples masturbating on video !
Couples masturbating on video !
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Mutual Masturbation - couples having live sex online !
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