Mutual Masturbation is a delightful experience. It’s a bit like foreplay but without any expectation or pressure of having to fulfill penetration. You and your partner can experiment and enjoy masturbating each other and you don’t have to do it yourself, each of you can lend more than a hand while enjoying the pleasures and your orgasm.If it escalates and both of you are in the throes of having a wild abandon lovemaking session, go for it! But sometimes it’s just a great alternative when neither you nor your partner is up for it. It’s ideal if a woman is with child; experiencing postnatal, or the man cannot get an erection, or when either partner is tired or ill; recovering from a surgery. Couples can just enjoy a good feeling of arousing each other, besides, couples can spice up their sex life with mutual masturbation.
Mutual masturbation: Couples masturbating together. I like it when my husband has fucked me and his come is still inside me. I roll over onto my stomach and use the slipperiness of his come to make we wet while he rubs my clit with an up and down motion until I am really close. I know when it is about to happen as I press my stomach down towards the bed and he knows I am about to come and then he moves to put direct pressure on my clit and rubs pretty fast back and forth in a really rhythmic motion, actually it seems like he goes slower at this point, and I start to have my orgasm. He also likes to put his thumb inside me while he is rubbing my clit. His hands and fingers are pretty big so its almost like he is back inside me while he rubs my clit. I usually clench my legs together then and hold his hand there while I come. If he keeps rubbing me, I can usually come twice or more. Unfortunately it gets too sensitive and he can't keep making me come. I usually cry out too with a very deep almost growling sound he tells me.
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Mutual Masturbation: My boyfriend and I live about 6,000 miles apart, so we can't be together in person very often (it'll actually be almost another year until we can meet up again face-to-face).  Thanks to the miracle of instant messaging, we still talk a lot but if either of us gets really horny (and, being teenagers, this does happen quite a bit) there's not really anything we can do involving the other person.  We often send each other little "flirts", where we take turns writing little erotic scenes between the two of us, but last night we decided to try something different.  Initially the plan was for us to both have our web cams on, me sitting back on my bed to masturbate in just a t-shirt while he stood nude in front of his camera to give me something to look at (and of course to watch me on the screen).  After a few minutes of watching me tease my clit, he was masturbating too, I took the shirt off, and then we were just watching each other.  I thought him watching me would be the hottest thing, but being able to watch him touching himself while knowing that he was watching me do the same was almost more than I could stand!  I came relatively quickly and while I was catching my breath I watched him have the most intense orgasm I've seen him have.  His jaw went slack, his head fell back and, though the sound wasn't on, I wouldn't have been surprised if he'd screamed.  I wanted to cum again after seeing that, and he watched while I continued to rub my clit and inner lips (thought I was almost too wet at this point to create much friction) until, shaking, I came hard.  It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, couldn't have been better unless he was here in person (so he could help me out a little more xP).  I would totally recommend something like this to any couple willing to try it, and I'd tell other long-distance couples to consider investing in some web cams.  They're relatively cheap, they really are the next best thing to in person, and think about the possibilities...
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She just stayed there watching, I loved it! When I started to shoot a thick jet of cum I heard her let out a little squeal. As I cleaned up I heard her car leave the driveway. I quickly ran and got the video tape so I could "watch her watching me"... That caused another raging hardon... I started the tape and much to my suprise it was not my friend but two female coworkers! The two girls, Susan and Mandy couldn't believe their eyes. They not only watched but both of them had their hands in their panties fingering their clits !!! Susan kept saying nasty things like "stroke that big cock" and "God I want that cock in me"... When I shot my load Mandy yelled God don't you want to taste that thick cum.... Both girls came at the same time I did...

When my wife came home we watched the tape together. We had the best sex we've had in years. To date we haven't told these two girls what we saw or taped, nor have mentioned this to my wife (she wishes they would). But we want to arrainge for both Susan and Mandy to see the "tape they made" very soon.

I wonder if their are many women out there who enjoy seeing this? Do most women like "not to be seen watching"? Well ladies what do you say? 

Couples Masturbating: My boyfriend and I love masturbating together. I find it such a turn-on on when he's watching me as I pleasure myself, and then he starts pleasuring himself as well. I rub my clit while he rubs his cock. I feel so exposed when I do it in front of him because masturbation is such a personal act, and I feel that doing it together heightens the intimacy between us. I love the expression on his face when I moan. He gets turned on even more and he'll increase the speed at which he's rubbing his cock and then I get turned on even more. It's like a spiral and it's great when we both climax together. I love turning him on. After that I'll let him come in my mouth and then I swallow. Sometimes that's the end of the sex act, but sometimes we continue to do other things as well.I find that starting off a session with mutual masturbation is one of the best things ever, at least for me. I get all turned on, and my pussy gets wet, which is brilliant for when he starts touching or licking me. Also, my clit is much more sensitive and touching it feels more pleasurable after some masturbation, so when he goes down on me after we've masturbated for a while together...the feeling is just so much more explosive. Mutual masturbation, oral and then penetration. That's the way I like it. :)
In the last couple of years I have found that I love to be watched by women and/or couples when masturbating. It first started out in a local xxx movie theater where I would sit right in front of couples, so they could get a good look at me stroking my cock and exploding.
Since it is sooooo risky to do this in a public place I decided to take a different approach. I am a married man in my mid thirties who enjoys fucking my darling wife but being watched masturbating, I find, is just the ultimate.  Anyway, I decided that I wanted to let my best friend catch me stroking my cock and wondered what she would do if she "caught" me. One of the biggest turn on's would be if she watched and enjoyed it.
Mutual Masturbation: My ex and I spent more time masturbating together than any other form of sexual activity. She wasn’t able to achieve orgasm by vaginal penetration but only by masturbation either by herself or with my help. I was so inexperienced in knowing what to do so she had to show me; up, down, round and around, fast or slow, exactly the way she wanted it done. My first attempt was pitiful but improved as time went on. She was always very vocal and used to tell me to make her feel like a tart. She loved me to lick her pussy lips and suck her clit until it popped out from the hood and got good and wet to get her started. Then she would suck my cock until it got rock hard and the first bit of pre-cum would dribble out from the head. We would then lie at opposite ends on our backs until our genitals were level so she could start pumping my cock and I could finger her clit at the same time. We learnt self-control this way as she knew if I came too soon the fun would be over. She never wanted me to stop fingering her and could orgasm 4 or 5 times before I shot my load all over her tummy and tits. We would rest for awhile before starting all over again.She had her favourite, using the head of my cock to stroke her big clit that would protrude to become fully erect. This always made her ejaculate soaking my cock with her hot cum by plunging it inside mixing our juices together when I came. After resting she would ask me to jerk her off by using a finger and thumb to squeeze and pump her clit until she came again. I found this to be exciting being able to jerk her clit up and down like a cock. That lady really liked masturbating moreso than any other woman I have known. Just the thought of sex started her off fingering her slit until her panties were soaked, insisting we do it together as watching her doing it made me horny. I really miss that lady and wish she was here right now.
Masturbation for Couples
There are times when people fall into a rut and are unable to enjoy the simple pleasure of sex. The foregoing of sexual pleasure with our mate is unacceptable and impedes sexual health. There is no excuse for losing enjoyment during any sexual activity. One of the best ways to kick-start the lust back into your life is by masturbating with your partner.
Some individuals and religions view masturbation as being dirty, immoral and wrong. While I will not trample on the beliefs of others, I along with the majority of the earth’s inhabitants - from the most primitive to the most intelligent of creatures disagree with them. Pleasing ourself is natural and prepares us for future relationships as a couple. Getting to know your body should be embraced and not frowned upon. Haven’t you seen the monkeys at the zoo? Don’t they play with themselves?
In an array of situations, couples find that they are unable to please each other. This is mostly because the male doesn’t know how to arouse the female. As a result of his failure to get her hot and bothered, she doesn’t reciprocate to the level of his desire. Therefore both are left unsatisfied. With masturbation, we are able to touch ourselves, discern and discover what makes us “tick”. What could be a better way to teach each other how we get off?
Sex is an activity that should always evolve. With evolving comes learning and with learning comes communication. There are ways to physically communicate to your mate during sex and ways to literally say, “oh yeah, right there.” The best form of learning for a lot of people is through visuals.
Mutual Masturbation: My wife and I have been married for 14 years and we just started touching ourselves in front of each other.  It all started last Christmas Eve when we were having great sex.  I asked her afterwards what she thought about while I touched her and made love to her.  After walking through some embarrassment she said she thought about the times we had made love, and she thought about things she would like to try. I said, Like what?  to which she talk about a few places in the house she would like to have sex, but then she surprised me.  She said she wanted to undress in front of my while I masturbated.  I said really, she said she did not know how to ask but that was not all, she said she wanted to masturbate for me.  Some six months later almost every time we have sex we masturbate in some form for each other, but what really turns us both on is when she or I uses the head of my hard penis to bring her to orgasm.
Instead of making a power point presentation and using a laser pointer, masturbation is a much more arousing, not to mention fun process. Make sure you are masturbating together and not solo. If you are not used to masturbating in front of anyone, it may not be comfortable right away so try and start together. Avoid silence and making the setting awkward. Try lighting some candles or throw on some sensual music; girls love that “romantic” stuff.
Mutual Masturbation: My ex-partner and I used to start off by peeing on each other. It sounds weird but its fun. She would straddle me and let out little squirts to get me hard. Once hard, I would get on top and do the same to her. We would both masturbate for a little while then pee on each other again. We would always masturbate right to the point of climax then jump up top of each other and have the best sex. Each time felt like the first.
Guys and girls take note as your mate fondles themselves. Notice where they rub and at what pace they are going at it. Also, observe the pace as it increases closer to climax. Listen to them moan and watch their body language. This is a great way to learn the signs of when they are ready to orgasm.
Try talking about masturbation with your partner. Talk about how and what they do to get themselves off. Some girls enjoy using vibrators and other adult toys. These should not be frowned upon by a partner but rather embraced. Most guys would love to watch their partners use a vibrator on themselves. And yes, many of these toys are also designed for stimulation of the man.
Masturbating with your partner doesn’t always have to come from a lack of being able to please one another. A lot of people who know how to satisfy each other masturbate together. You will be able to feed off each others sexual energy without any physical contact at all. It’s very exciting to watch and break slowly into touching each other.
Take each other by the hand and guide them as they learn the points, grip and touch that satisfies you the most.

If masturbation is being used as foreplay, the anticipation of sex will be very high and the foreplay will get the juices flowing and prepare her for insertion.

Men and women pleasure themselves and each other for many pleasurable reasons.

1. A teenager masturbates solo to solve his sexual needs while preparing himself for later love relations.

2. A young couple may choose masturbation because they do not want to copulate yet. In fact it is the extension of teen masturbation and they learn to discover each other at the same time before marriage or while living together as they prepare for the next step in their relationship.

3. A married or steady couple can use masturbation as foreplay while preparing for intercourse or having the masturbation joy as a variation to their normal intercourse.

4. A couple can decide not to have intercourse at all, and develop masturbation as an art and a higher, intenser pleasure replacing normal intercourses every time.

Regardless of your reason for masturbation, bringing the one we love to the orgasmic phase is beautiful and rewarding. As lovers we want to know what makes the other tick and what is a better way than with mutual masturbation. It’s very educational to watch each other and the show is priceless. When it comes to prevention of sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy, masturbation is the safest form of sex. So get out of a boring routine and start trying new things. Learn with each other and become more satisfied sexually.
I Wanted To Be Caught Masturbating
If you keep masturbating, will you go blind, or will you get hairy palms? If you don't use it, will you lose it? Does sowing your knees together really help? If you keep sticking it everywhere, will it fall off? How can you increase your bust if you must? If you shake it three times, are you playing with yourself? If you do that, will your tongue turn brown? Does sleeping on your front make your breasts smaller? What should you do if you need to have sex with three women, but only have two condoms? Can you (legitimately) wear white to your wedding? How should you clean "the bunny," and how should you store "the liberator." Will they get along? How large of a condom does a banana really need? Is "all-purpose lubricant" really all-purpose? Are you still a virgin if you’re one to those "catholic girls"? Are boxers better than briefs?
My next step was to have my wife call and tell her to stop by after work that night to pick something up at our house. I then set up a hidden video camera on the back porch. I could then see her true reaction to catching me... I couldn't wait. What would she do? Would she be disgusted? Would she like it? Would she enjoy it? Well at 6:00 P.M. I slipped a XXX movie into the VCR and turned on the video camera and slowly started stroking my cock.
About fifteen minutes later I heard a car drive up and the gate open going into the back yard. The thought of her watching me was mind blowng. Because of the angle of our sliding glass door I new she could see into the house, without me seeing her. What she didn't know however, was I could see her shadow. I stroked slowly, raising my cock for her so she could see how big and hard it was...
I gave up and gently led her right hand down to her pussy so that she could finish herself off. I really like her having orgasms! She was so horny, that she didn't take much persuading. Her lips were swollen and dark red, almost purple. Like an exotic, tropical flower. So she started stroking herself quite naturally, while I sucked gently on her nipples. It wasn't long before she had this big, shuddering orgasm, stronger than anything I'd managed to give her in the past. After some recovery time, she started stroking up my erection and put some oil on her hand to make things go more smoothly. However, she couldn't compete with the years of experience that I've developed in stroking and teasing my own dick and, in frustration, I gently moved her hand lower to the base of my cock while I took over the most sensitive part around the head. My girlfriend sat up and watched with fascination, hardly even blinking while she helped me. Then she started nipping on my own nipples with her teeth (I think she was teaching me the right amount of pressure and technique for when I did it again to her!) and watched in the wardrobe mirror while we both stroked me to a big orgasm. She told me afterwards that she's never masturbated with a man before. She now thinks that being wicked like this adds a forbidden intensity to orgasm. Now we are happy mutual masturbators and look forward to our sessions together. Masturbation tips - click here !
I regularly hump my pillow, stuffed animals, or bunched up blanket while lying face down on our bed. But I only recently rediscovered the joy of just having sex with our bed! I lay flat on the bed, with my legs spread apart and slightly bent, and press my pussy against the mattress. Then I start pumping my hips back and forth, going faster and faster as I fuck the bed. Uuuuummmmmm, it feels so good in my clit, that I can barely stand it! As I'm humping faster and harder, the bed springs are crying out beneath me: creak creak creak Creak Creak Creak CreakCreakCreakCREAKCREAKCREAK!!!! Cumming once isn't enough - I'm already humping the bed even harder and faster, while my hubby is watching from behind, as he beats off and watches my pussy pound on the bed! He can barely keep from squirting his man goo while watching me, till he has to shove his dick in me. Turning over for him with my legs open for him, he tells me to say: "Fuck me like I fucked the bed," as he mounts me to gush his seed in me!
I have fond memories of my boyfriend and I masturbating each other in broad daylight in parking lots when I was a teenager. Masturbating while a man watches and pleasures himself is probably my greatest turn on. The best idea I ever had was keep my pussy waxed. It really turns my man on and I love showing it off. I particularly enjoy riding his face while he masturbates. It's also preferable to 69 since the closer I come to orgasm the less I am able to pay attention to his cock in my mouth and the rhythm he needs. The best ever is when he stands or kneels over me in a dominant position and cums all over my breasts.
We also like to masturbate while driving around in the car. Sometimes another couple comes along and sits in the back seat. All four of us drive around and masturbate together.

One of our favorites is sitting naked in bed, ass to ass with our genitals touching. We play with ourselves and each other. My husband gets excited hearing all my moaning, wailing, whining and screaming. I love to masturbate while he gets his rocks off. He shoots the biggest loads I've ever seen. Not to be outdone, (ahem) I am also a squirter and spray all over his cock when I cum.

Our highly sexed girlfriend often comes over to masturbate with us. She sits at the head of the bed with me. My husband is on his back in front of us with his ass propped up on pillows between our legs. We both help him masturbate, while we play with our pussys. It's much more erotic with another woman helping. Especially one with such an inventive mind. She is always coming up with new ways for us to masturbate together. What fun!
On this particular day, I was feeling exceptional horny and told my boyfriend that he could lay next to me on the bed while I masturbated under the covers (I really didn't want him to see me naked prior to the wedding night).  As I started, I was already wet just at the thought of him in the same room with me much less in the bed as I was rubbing myself.

I was covered with the blanket only exposing my head.  My boyfriend way laying to my right and had started to kiss my neck, moving to my cheek and ears.  The intensity grew and I now found myself with two fingers in and out of my pussy.

  I then heard whispered in my ear my boyfriend say that he wished his friend Irving could have watched also.  Without hesitation, my thoughts immediately put Irving to my left side also kissing on my neck and ears.  With this new fantasy in my head, I was vigorously rubbing my pussy and worked my way to my anus.  My boyfriend then pulled the covers down to my stomach, exposing both of my tits.

He then started to suck on my right nipple while pinching my left one.  I wanted to tell him to stop, but instead found myself imagining Irving sucking on my left nipple.  I kicked off the blanket and found myself slapping my pussy lips in a complete frenzy.  I then blurted out that I wished Irving was here also, so you could both suck on my nipples.  And nothing could have prepared me for his response, which was that they could suck on the same nipple. 

Oh my goodness! For whatever reason that was so hot to me, that my boyfriend was suggesting bisexual acts with him and another guy.  I pulled him closer as he began to grind on my leg, while fingering myself.  I began to visualize him sucking on Irving's cock to the point I came like never before.  It was strange to me because I had never even thought about that before, but I wasn't opposed to seeing it.  I hope to be able to tell you another story......

I'm 29 and my boyfriend Jimmy is 23. We have been living together almost a year. We had great sex but had never really masturbated each other until a few months ago. We touched each other naturally but never to orgasm.

It actually started when I walked in on him jerking off. He was a little embarrassed that I caught him, but I didn't say anything and just walked over to him and took over until he came, and walked out without saying a word to him. From then on we talked about it and thought it would be fun.

We tried a lot of different ways to satisfy each other. One day he asked if he could tie me to the bed and promised to to really satisfy me. I was more than willing and it was something new. He tied me spread eagle to the bed and just started to kiss and caress my whole body. I felt myself getting wet and then he blindfolded me and started to finger my vagina.

The next thing I knew I heard a buzzing noise and a vibrator coming in me. I never used a vibrator before but did have a few dildos. I was so aroused I was almost screaming as he also but a dildo in my anus. It was the first time for that also. I just had orgasm after orgasm and was completely satisfied. Jimmy untied me and I was so tired I slept for a few hours.

Later that night he said it was his turn. So, I tied him up and asked him what he wanted me to do and he just said "surprise me". I blindfolded him also and started by playing with his scrotum and kissing his penis. When I started to masturbate him he told me not to make him cum to fast. Well, then I started getting more ideas and got out the vibrator and started moving it all over his penis and balls. I kept this up for quite awhile and also kept kissing him between his thighs and even on his balls. As I was kissing him I put the vibrator at his anus and was surprised at his reaction and knew he like it.

I stopped for awhile and went to get some skin lotion as he kept asking me were I was. When I came back his penis was half down and I started all over again. This time I put the lotion on his penis and started to masturbate him again. He got rock hard and I put some lotion on the vibrator and started putting it slowly in his anus. Within seconds he ejaculated and I never heard him moan like that before even during intercourse. We take turns at least once a week tying each other down. And we just tell each other anything goes. I thought I had a good sex life before but it even better now.
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Masturbation Stories
My girlfriend and I started masturbating together by accident.
My girlfriend and I started masturbating together by accident. Or maybe it was destined to happen! I enjoy massaging her arse and licking her pussy (yes, and sometimes licking her arse and massaging her pussy, too), but often, I can't quite manage to bring her off, no matter how much I lick and nibble and suck on her clit. So one day,
My husband considers me to be a masturbators' masturbator.
To begin with, my husband considers me to be a masturbators' masturbator. When we make love, I always give him a show first, getting my pussy off. I have a nightstand drawer full of vibrating sex toys that I've pleasured myself with for my hubby, but the thing that gets him beating his cock off over me more than anything else is when I hump some inanimate object.
I have fond memories of my boyfriend and I masturbating each other
I love to masturbate with my husband.
I love to masturbate with my husband. We have turned it into an art form that starts with me doing a slow strip tease. We like low lights, soft music and lots of lubrication. We masturbate sitting in chairs, facing each other, with our knees touching.
On this particular day, I was feeling exceptional horny
We had great sex but had never really masturbated together
My favorite way to masturbate involves my partner and myself. I love to lie on my back in the bed with my hard cock pointing straight up into the air. My girlfriend lies next to me and slowly begins to wrap her hand around my cock. As she begins to stroke it, she starts talking dirty to me and telling me things to do to her as she jerks me off.

My favorite is when she lubes up her tight asshole and tells me to finger-fuck her asshole. She has a way of going slow when she jerks my cock, so that I don't cum too fast and I can enjoy the things I am doing to her. Usually, she doesn't work my cock hard until I have three fingers buried deep into her ass.

Then she starts telling me how she wants to see my cock shoot all of the jizz all over the place. The fact that she is so turned on by my fingers moving in and out of her ass makes her talk in a very breathy, sexy tone of voice. Finally, she moves her hand up and down my shaft as fast as she can, causing me to explode in a fantastic orgasm. Usually, by that time, she comes as well from all of the stimulation I have given her ass. We both then collapse in an orgasmic frenzy as we come together. She then licks all of the cum from my dick, oftentimes causing me to come a second time. Trust me, this is an experience you want to try....
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I love masturbating !
Solo Pleasure is great, but I love masturbating for my lover !
my new g/f asked me to masterbate in front of her, i was a bit reluctant but she insisted and i did i was a bit embarrased afterwards but now she makes me do it all the time for her, i love it
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